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Fascinating Travel Destinations
for Holiday Inspiration!

Fascinating Holiday Destinations

Fascinating travel destinations - those words set my mind racing! How about you? Do you spend your time dreaming about the next holiday in some far away place? Where their way of living is reminiscent of an earlier time, and the colourful locals, appear to be in a cultural time warp?
Or the amazing scenic trip where the pictures your friend sent you, start you dreaming, and ........scheming?

Are you always looking with envy at those tropical destinations where the sea is an impossible blue, and the sand doesn't have a shell out of place? But the sun is definitely shining!

Or do the vibrant, multicoloured birds in their lush jungle homes beckon?

Not to mention the animals we know so well in the zoo,romping across barren plains of an African veldt!

If you are constantly seeking information for that next inspirational holiday then you must be a traveller....... like me. It is a total addiction, isn’t it! You just can’t wait for the next trip to somewhere. Welcome to the club!

Where will your dreams take you next?

So which fascinating travel destination is your next holiday or vacation going to take you to? I don’t know about you, but I tend to be influenced by the experiences of others. As soon as I hear their story I start delving around finding out more.

Next thing, their fascinating travel destination is “on the list”. You know.......that list you keep of places you will get to some day – soon! I have quite a long one. But I am lucky to have also ticked quite a few off – over 75 so far! Mind you - that has taken quite a few years.

I guess most travel destinations fascinate us for different reasons. In many countries the fascination is with the history and architecture. Europe is about castles, museums, art galleries, villages, historic towns and cities.

In other countries it is the juxtaposition of old and new unique man made elements,that makes for some fascinating travel destinations.

Just look at that Birds Nest built for the China Olympic Games! Yet, when you see a structure like Angkor Wat in Cambodiaand think about the tools they had to build it, it is a truly amazing feat.

I was bemused by a friend's disappointment in Kyoto. “It was all old, historic buildings, and I was hoping to see interesting modern buildings like Tokyo,” she commented. For me it was the historic and traditional character of Kyoto that I really loved. Tokyo is fascinating, but in a different way.

Fascinating Holiday Destinations

Other destinations are all about the people and their intriguing lifestyles. Cuba where the music pervades the air.... was truly like stepping into a story book.

Destinations hold fascinating appeal for their scenery, outdoor adventures, wild life, jungle, plains, deserts - with invariably challenging terrain.

Destinations for the adventurer who likes the challenge of trekking, mountain climbing, remote jungle canoe trips, an African Safari and other adrenaline pumping activities are plentiful.......It is the choosing that can be the most difficult!

"Planting the seed...... is about planting that first seed of an idea for your next vacation. This website is a culmination of my many years of travelling and my desire to share these experiences ......hopefully inspiring you to have your own.

There will be travel stories, photos, tips, suggestions and recommendations for a vast selection of destinations from Thailand to Australia....... Samoa and beyond! Also information on the best priced airfares, and accommodation from top hotels to hostels and backpackers. You can check your visa requirements, your travel insurance, and even download some language phrases and vocabulary to help you tour your fascinating travel destinations with ease.

Use this site as a starting point for choosing your next exciting travel destination. Any tips or recommendations will only be from personal experience.

Of course any traveller loves to regale their travel stories.....funny,strange, exciting...the good and the bad! I have plenty I will share in time. Don’t let them put you off! The "incidents" are what makes a trip a truly unique....and memorable experience.

I am chuckling as I write, thinking of one or two memories. And of course every experience is also a lesson in what to do.....or not to do when you visit that destination.

I am always looking for interesting, exciting, funny, stories from all you other travellers willing to tell us about a special experience. Your advice, tips and suggestions for a fascinating travel destination will be invaluable information for those about to embark on their own adventure. Please Share Your Stories HERE.

Sit back and enjoy !

So sit back and enjoy my site. Fascinating Travel Destinations is for travellers looking for inspiration and ideas, but also armchair travellers, who just want to enjoy the experiences of others. I have always said real life stories are the best. That is what fascinating travel destinations is all about.

How to use this site.

The sidebar will give the country name. After you click through to this page, all stories, photos, tips, suggestions, recommendations and travel tools for this destination can be found from the mini sitemap located at the bottom of the page.Or you can use the SITE SEARCH to quickly find your page.

ENGLISH USAGE : As I am from New Zealand and our spelling is in line with British English, you may see what appears to be spelling mistakes. So as the travel saying goes....... it is not wrong - it is just different! See how many differences you can find.


Have you enjoyed this site? If so please help others find out about it. If you have a blog or website, or know someone who does, please consider linking to me. Add me to your Facebook, or My Space, Tweet this....You get the idea.Every link helps.Thanks!

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An Introduction
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